Friday, 28 September 2018

Yesterday a very amazing person named Anne Kayes visited our school she wrote a book called tui street tales, Anne Kayes is a New Zealand author who wanted to create a story with some story tales that didn't really have a good ending e.g Hansel and Gretel how their stepmother doesn't want the children so she made the father kick them out and yeah you should know the rest so basically she wanted the fairy tales that had the endings she didn't like and make the ones she didn't like have better endings 

Friday, 31 August 2018

The importance of sea life

The importance of sea life

Have you ever wondered what the world would be like without sea life? Well, if you haven’t then today I will tell you why you should. THE WORLD WILL END because fish are not only one of the world's largest food supplies but they also carry the toxins from the water in their body  .
Firstly, the reason I think we should take action for the sea life is not only for their safety but for ours as well. If fish die our water will get dirty because fish filter sea water through their gills. I don't know about you but I don't want to swim in a dirty ocean! This is the first reason why we should look after the fish.

Secondly. When we pollute the sea, fish get infected because as I said before fish, hold most of the toxins in their body. They get the toxins from the oceans water. This means we could die when we eat fish because of the chemical inside of there body.

Thirdly, I believe if we don’t change our ways of littering the fish will cease to exist and then we will die because not only the lack of clean water but lack of fish. Fish are one of the world's largest food suppliers.  How would you feel if you were a sea animal for e.g you were a sea turtle and your home had millions upon millions of rubbish floating in it and you thought the rubbish were jellyfish or other sea creatures that were for you to eat.

If you think the sea animals just glide past the rubbish then you thought wrong. Plastic is one out of the three things that are killing marine animals. Other things are overfishing and oil. Overfishing is when people catch fish the wrong size or take far too much. We need to use more caution when fishing and use sutastable methods so there is enough for everyone. And oil, well it's a death trap for marine life and we keep spilling it into the oceans, over and over again. Stupid, I know! So next time think before you litter.

So, if you are thinking….. How to stop this crisis,  I have 3 answers. USE REUSABLE BAGS! MAKE SURE YOUR FISH IS THE RIGHT SIZE AND COME FROM SUSTAINABLE STOCK and DON’T put rubbish OUR OCEANS!  I will say it again, little quieter….When you catch a fish the wrong size throw it back in the water, make sure you use less plastic and whatever you do ,make sure you never rubbish our oceans. Together we can all make a change!                

This is my speech hope you enjoy blog ya later!.           

Monday, 13 August 2018

1970's DLO

For the past few weeks my teacher assigned our class with a project about the 1970's. Hope ya like it blog ya later   

Friday, 3 August 2018


This was my favourite because it had a good meaning to it and it was " it's not same but i don't care you don't have to be THE SAME to be a perfect pair"

My 2nd favorite

Friday, 29 June 2018


6 WALT: write an information report
Remember to:

Clearly explain what I am writing about in my title
Begin with a general comment and a hook
Use your planner to help with paragraphing
Use action verbs to describe behaviors
Include pictures and diagrams,
conclude  with an interesting statement about the topic.            

Are you scared of a little Daddy Longlegs? Does the thought of holding Avondale spider make you run, screaming from the room? Well, I think you should read this report because spiders are not as scary as you make them out to be.

Spiders belong to the group called Arachnids. They are eight legged invertebrates whom are spread out all around the world but they are not found in antarctica.

An arachnid has eight legs and eight eye. Its body has two sections and is covered in hair. They lay eggs and the baby spiders come out looking just like the adult.

There are 4 different types of spider webs (or cobwebs). They are used to catch prey.  They are usually thin but very strong.

           Image result for 5 types of spider webs
The type of web a spider makes depends on what it is trying to catch and where the spider lives.

I think spiders are unique animals and that they should be protected. So next time you see them don’t kill it.

Letter to PM

Owairaka District School
113-115 Richardson Rd
Mt Albert

Wednesday 16th May

Rt Hon Jacinda Ardern
Office of the Chief Executive
Level 8 Executive Wing
Parliament Buildings

Prime Minister,

We would like to tell you about a program called Garden to Table that we have at Owairaka District School. Owairaka is a great place to learn, its in Mt Albert, Auckland.

Firstly we would like to explain that garden to table is an educational program that helps people learn how to cook and garden. We harvest delicious and healthy veggies from the school garden and use them to cook tasty food with.  It's also culturally aware. Last time we had turkish food and before that sushi because we have student from those countries in our classroom.

Every week the groups swap over positions so one week you cook and one week you garden. When we cook we measure carefully like the right amount of sugar and the right amount of milk. If you don’t the recipes won’t work. We also have these things called Knife licenses and if you have one it means you can use the knife properly. We also get help from adults or parent volunteers who give up their time own time to help us learn to cook.

In the garden we harvest and fruit or veggies to use in the kitchen and use our math skills to plant seedlings at the right amount of depth. We have learnt about composting and how a worm farm works. We have a really big one at school. We also check in on our Chickens and bees to make sure that they are healthy and in tip top condition.

We think that the Garden to Table program help us learn to take initiative, teach us life skills so we can help around the house and makes learning reading and maths fun (and tasty). We think you should come and visit so you can see for yourself how amazing this Garden to Table program is and hopefully your Government will help other school have this opportunity.  

Yours sincerely,

Tana, Ben and Questyn  

Room 8                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                    

Bigfoot Mountain Bike Safetly

On Tuesday We learnt how to be safe on a bike.

Big foot mountain bike instructors tell us how to stop safely.