Friday, 29 June 2018


6 WALT: write an information report
Remember to:

Clearly explain what I am writing about in my title
Begin with a general comment and a hook
Use your planner to help with paragraphing
Use action verbs to describe behaviors
Include pictures and diagrams,
conclude  with an interesting statement about the topic.            

Are you scared of a little Daddy Longlegs? Does the thought of holding Avondale spider make you run, screaming from the room? Well, I think you should read this report because spiders are not as scary as you make them out to be.

Spiders belong to the group called Arachnids. They are eight legged invertebrates whom are spread out all around the world but they are not found in antarctica.

An arachnid has eight legs and eight eye. Its body has two sections and is covered in hair. They lay eggs and the baby spiders come out looking just like the adult.

There are 4 different types of spider webs (or cobwebs). They are used to catch prey.  They are usually thin but very strong.

           Image result for 5 types of spider webs
The type of web a spider makes depends on what it is trying to catch and where the spider lives.

I think spiders are unique animals and that they should be protected. So next time you see them don’t kill it.


  1. Wow! Very proud of your work son, great details and very clear and concise!

  2. Hey its me James just want to say great work!

  3. Greetings Tana, great report about arachnids right there.

    I actually never knew there was a difference in the webs such as cob, orb and sheet other then look, I also found out they are used for different situations.

    You can write down what they eat so people can try help them survive.

    Thank you for sharing your learning, my blog link: